Our Policies and Procedures provide direction in the provision of care and services to our Residents, their families and our Staff. Some of the policies that directly affect the life of our residents and their families are included here. If there are other policies you would like additional information on, please contact us.

Alcohol Consumption Policy
Have a question about alcohol consumption in our home? The link above details our policy on the matter.

Concern Process Policy
At the RK MacDonald, we value feedback and have systems in place to gather it and address the issues brought forward. For more information on your concerns, click the above link.

Decorating Guidelines Policy
The RK MacDonald has guidelines in place to make sure we comply with fire regulations. To find out more regarding decorating safely, click the link above.

Life Care Directive Policy
In the event of a health status change, the RK MacDonald follows the protocols outlined in our Life Care directive. To learn more, click on the above link.

Private Room Requests Policy
The RK MacDonald has a bed capacity for 136 Residents. We offer 83 private rooms and try to accommodate those who prefer one. Click on the above link to learn more about requesting a private room.

Resident’s Rights Policy
The RK MacDonald has a Resident Bill of Rights which guides our Resident’s care. To learn more about the policies regarding the Bill of Rights, click the link above.

Scent Free Environment Policy
To ensure the health and safety of our Residents we have a scent free environment policy in place. Click the link above to learn more about our policy.

Smoke Free Policy
All buildings and grounds owned by the RK MacDonald are smoke free. To learn more about our policies on this topic, click the link above.