Applies to: All Staff


When decorating the Home especially during special holidays and seasons such as Christmas the following guidelines shall be followed to meet fire regulations.


  • Consider safety in all decisions regarding decorating.
  • Displays are not permitted to be set up in hallways.
  • Fire exits must be kept clear at all times.
  • Decorations/displays are not permitted that in any way prohibit the closure of fire doors.
  • Extension cords are not permitted.
  • Paper decorations are not permitted on walls or hanging from ceilings or sprinklers.
  • No decorations on sprinklers.
  • Paper or plastic streamers are not permitted.
  • All Christmas trees and wreaths must be fire retardant and artificial.
  • Bales of Hay are not permitted inside the Home.
  • All new furniture must meet codes and have appropriate labels (check with Environmental Services).
  • New curtains/blinds must be fire retardant.
  • No candles are permitted.
  • When a decoration/picture is to be put on a wall, take down an existing picture and use the same nail. Decorations/pictures removed for the event/holidays should be sent to the Recreation Department for proper storage.
  • Staff decorating shall first have approval from the Department Manager who will ensure guidelines are followed.
  • Any questions related to decorating and/or guidelines should be directed to the Department Manager or Director of Environmental Services.
  • Exceptions to the guidelines may only be granted by the Director of Environmental Services.

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