Board Information

The R K MacDonald Nursing Home Corporation and its facilities are under the management of a Board of Directors which consist of twelve members as follows: four members are appointed by the County Council of the Municipality of the County of Antigonish, four members are appointed by the Town Council of the Town of Antigonish, and four members are appointed by the Sisters of Saint Martha.

No employee of the Board can serve as director and each director serves for a term of three years. The executive committee consists of the Board Chair, a vice Chair, a secretary, a treasurer, and one additional member. With the exception of the Chair, these officers serve for one year and are selected for office at each annual meeting. In addition to the executive committee, there are two standing committees, Finance and Building and Grounds, as well as special committees, including Governance and Public Relations, that help conduct the affairs of the Board on an ongoing basis. These members too serve for a one year term and are selected at the annual meeting.

Board of Directors of the R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home

Councillor Mary MacLellan – Chair (County)
Matthew Murphy  (CSM)
Lloyd MacLellan (CSM)
Sr. Stella Chafe (CSM)
Sue Ellen McCarron (CSM)
Councillor Donnie MacInnis (Town)
Councillor William Cormier (Town)
Councillor Mary Farrell (Town)
Councillor Diane Roberts (Town)
Councillor Gary Mattie  (County)
Councillor Vaughn Chisholm (County)
Councillor Donnie F. MacDonald (County)

Executive Committee

Councillor Mary MacLellan, President & Chair – R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home Corporation
CSM Representative, Sue Ellen McCarron, Vice-Chair
CSM Representative, Sr. Stella Chafe
Councillor William Cormier, Secretary
Councillor Donnie MacInnis, Treasurer
Michelle Thompson, CEO

Finance Committee – Councillor Donnie MacInnis, Chair
Building & Grounds Committee – Councillor Donnie F. MacDonald, Chair
Governance Committee – CSM Representative Sue Ellen McCarron, Chair

If you’re looking to contact one of our board members, please contact our Administrative Assistant, ( Cathy Brouwer ) for further information.