Palliative Care Team: Resident Honour Guard

The Palliative Care Team here at the RK has introduced the Resident Honour Guard, to honour deceased residents as they leave the Home. The Resident Honour Guard enables our staff and residents to pay tribute to the deceased resident and is initiated when the RK Quilt is laid upon the deceased resident. Staff and residents are invited to gather along the hallways to the honour the deceased resident as they leave the home.

As a family, we often struggle emotionally, quietly grieving on our own when a resident passes away. This process provides time and space for everyone to reflect on their time spent with the resident, to openly shed a tear, share a hug or to offer a silent prayer. It allows us to grieve and helps give us closure.

Palliative Care Team: Resident Honour GuardOur multidisciplinary Palliative Care Team continues to explore opportunities to support staff who have developed close relationships with our residents.

The RK is forever grateful to Dawn McKenna, LPN, who hand crafted and donated the beautiful RK Honour Guard Quilt. The quilt has quickly become an essential component of our end of life care and defines our respect for those residents that have lived here with us.