Frequently Asked Question

Have a question about our home? Perhaps we have the answer already. Check out our FAQ below.

How do you start the process to have a loved one move to the R.K ?

All admissions to Long term Care in Nova Scotia are managed by the Department of Health & Wellness. To apply for residency in a nursing home or a residential care facility in Nova Scotia, contact Continuing Care, toll-free at 1-800-225-7225 to find out about the application process, to arrange for a Care Coordinator to assess your care needs, and to identify the best method of having your needs met.

What are the accommodations at the R.K?

Our facility has both private and semi-private accommodations. Rooms are assigned based on availability and need. Each room is furnished with a bed, bureau, over-bed table, a side table, curtains & linens. Residents are encouraged to personalize their room as much as possible. Large items and electrical items need to be reviewed by our staff to ensure that we are meeting safety & fire regulations.

Do you have private rooms available?

Yes, we have private rooms but they are limited and available on a first come, first serve basis. To request a private room please see the Director of Care.

What do we bring with us?

Please bring sufficient and suitable clothing for your loved one (we recommend 7-10 changes of clothing). It is important for all residents to have non-slip shoes and slippers. Bring any personal assistive devices such as walkers, canes and wheelchairs as well as other assistive devices such as dentures or hearing aids. Moving from home to a Care facility presents challenges Rooms are small and limits bringing in personal furniture. If bringing in a special chair, please check with our Walking Stick (Rehab) Staff so we can make sure it is safe for use in the Home. If coming from home please bring your NS health care card as well as all medications with you. Please bring an electric razor, brush, comb, make-up or any special personal products remembering that we are scent free.

Can we make the room more like home?

As room assignments may change, decorating with wallpaper, borders, paint etc. is not permitted. Residents and families are encouraged to personalize rooms with pictures, quilts, etc. Our Maintenance Service will hang pictures for residents.

Are pets allowed at The R.K.?

The RK is home to several cats and birds. Families are welcome to take personal pets in for a visit (providing they are healthy and kept on a leash at all times). We also have a pet therapy program whereby volunteers take their therapy dogs in to visit the residents.

What kinds of activities are available to the Residents?

Our recreation department provides a wide range of services to enhance the lives of our residents. Programs are designed for individuals or groups. Some of the benefits residents may experience from participation in programs include maintenance of long and short term memory, socialization, physical activity and stress reduction. The Recreation Department strives to provide meaningful and therapeutic activities and encourages family participation in all events. Participation in community activities are facilitated through the use of the community CARE van.

Do you have a volunteer program?

The R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home strives to provide an environment that enables Residents to live full and abundant lives. Volunteers play a vital role in enhancing the lives of everyone in our Home. Volunteers compliment the personal interactions with the Residents – bringing life and enthusiasm and maintaining connection to the community Volunteering can be as little or as much as you wish. Please talk to our Director of Recreation about participating in our volunteer programs.

What about having a phone/TV in the room?

Cable & telephone services are available for each resident for a monthly, recurring charge. The TV or telephone must be provided by the family. Connections of cable & telephone services are arranged through the Resident Clerk. Free Wi-Fi services are available at hot-spots throughout the Home.

What are the visiting hours at the R.K.?

You are welcome at all times. All doors to our facility are open between the hours of 6 am and 9 pm. Outside of these hours please ring the doorbell and intercom system and you will be ‘buzzed’ in.

Do you have parking available?

Family/visitors have access to two hour free parking on Pleasant St (in front of the Home), in a public parking lot entering off St. Mary’s St. and the staff parking lot off Victoria Street.