Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care at the R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home serves the spiritual & religious needs of the Residents, their families, and staff, with respect for their faith traditions and the dignity of their persons.

The RK MacDonald Nursing Home: Spiritual LifeIn 2013 our chapel was named St. Martha Chapel in a ceremony presided over by Bishop Brian Dunn in the presence of Residents, family members, staff and volunteers, and with the participation of the Sisters of St. Martha.  In honor of that occasion the Sisters donated the statue of St. Martha which adorns our chapel.

The Spiritual and Religious Care staff, together with local clergy, minister to the Residents and their families by offering pastoral visits and end of life comfort and support.  Dedicated volunteers support the ministry of the in-house spiritual team.

Worship services are offered in the St. Martha Chapel on a regular basis and are televised throughout the Home.

  1. Friday, Mass at 10:30 a.m.
  2. Services televised on in-house TV Channel #885;
  3. Communal Sacrament of the Sick every three months;
  4. Emergency on-call for the Sacrament of the Sick;
  5. Advent prayer;
  6. Stations of the Cross during Lent;
  7. Rosary nightly in Martha’s Inn and weekly in Thistledown and Cobblestone Cottages as well as in Maple Ridge and Brambleberry Inn
  8. Monthly Prayer Services led by clergy of other denominations.

Other regular events in the chapel:

  • Memorial Service – every six months (usually March and September)
  • Remembrance Service – (November) with Legion Members participating.
  • “The Lights of Love” Concert and dedication on the second Sunday of December.
  • St. Martha Chapel Naming Anniversary, January 13
  • L’Arche Community Prayer, most Tuesdays, 3:45pm

The RK MacDonald Nursing Home: Resident ParticipationA monthly Schedule is posted on the bulletin board near the chapel. You are invited to check out our prayer corner in the balcony.