Admission Process

All admissions to Long term Care in Nova Scotia are managed by the Department of Health & Wellness. To apply for residency in a nursing home or a residential care facility in Nova Scotia, contact Continuing Care, toll-free at 1-800-225-7225 to find out about the application process, to arrange for a Care Coordinator to assess your care needs, and to identify the best method of having your needs met.

Moving in to the RK

As we welcome new residents into the RK, there are financial and life history information sharing that must be completed. We know that families have valuable information to share with us so we encourage all you to actively participate in the Moving-in Process. To make moving-in as stress free as possible, you will receive a telephone call from our Social Worker to set up a meeting a day or two prior to moving day to complete the necessary forms, receive a tour of the home and arrange to meet with our financial and care teams. Our Resident Clerk will discuss the pharmacy program and other payment requirements. You will also be able to set up a resident account at this time. You will also meet with our Care Team to begin the process of providing a life history of your loved one to enable us to get to know and build supportive relationships with our new resident. You could expect to spend 1-2 hours with us in the day or two prior to moving-in to enable us to know every resident as an individual and how we can help to make the RK feel like their home.

The day of the actual move into the RK can be stressful for both families and our new resident. We have found that when moving-in happens around 1:00pm-2:00pm our staff has more time to dedicate themselves to our new resident and family.