Family Visitation

Visitation Overview for Residents, Family Members and Staff – September 17th, 2020

Please see the following information about the visitation that begins next week.

Prior to all visits, visitors must be screened using the provincial screening tool. This screening is a mandatory requirement from the Department of Health and Wellness & Public Health.

It is imperative that all visitors stay away from the RK MacDonald with the slightest cold or flu-like symptoms in order to support the safety of all.

Please see the attached overview of visitation options:

Outdoor Visits

Gazebo and Fence Visits:

  • All visits Scheduled through Recreation.
  • Up to five (5) visitors can attend the visits.
  • A brief hug or handshake at the beginning and end of the visits is allowed, however the visitor must be wearing a mask
  • Residents and visitors must maintain physical distance of six (6) feet during the visits
  • During the visits, neither the visitor or resident require a mask as long as physical distancing is maintained.
  • The visit must be monitored by a staff member.

Indoor Visits:

  • All visits scheduled through Recreation.
  • The Resident or Substitute Decision Maker can identify three (3) people who can visit the resident indoors.
  • These visits will not happen in the care area.
  • Only one visitor is permitted per visit.
  • A brief hug or handshake at the beginning and end of the visits is allowed, however the visitor must be wearing a mask
  • Both the Resident and Visitor must wear a medical mask for the duration of the indoor visit.
  • If the Indoor visitor is also the designated care provider, the resident will not be required to wear a mask during the Indoor visit.
  • Physical distancing of six (6) feet must be maintained for the duration of the visit.
  • The visit must be monitored by a staff member.

Designated Care Providers:

  • Residents or the Substitute Decision Maker (SDM) can identify two (2) Designated Care Providers (DCP) to visit in the resident’s room.
  • At this time, the role of the DCP is to provide social and emotional support, assist with mealtimes if you’d like to, spend time outside, etc. We do not expect DCP’s to provide personal care at this time unless this is something the DCP wishes to do or has done in the past.
  • Only one (1) DCP may visit at a time. There are currently no exceptions to this rule.
  • The Designated Care Provider (DCP) must have infection prevention and control education prior to the initial visit (provided by RK MacDonald)
  • The DCP must wear a medical mask properly for the entire visit-both inside and outside the facility.
  • Due to the volume of visitors, care areas will have designated visitation days.
  • Visiting hours will be from 11:00 am to 5:00pm.
  • The DCP can spend time in the resident’s room or can enjoy the Garden area on College Street (entrance directly across from Thistledown Cottage). As per the directive, we ask that DCP and residents limit their movement around the facility.
  • There may be circumstances in which staying in a room is not possible for some residents. Staff will work with the DCP to support a meaningful visit in the best way possible.
  • DCP and residents are not able to visit other care areas or other residents, however are able to travel through a different care area when going to and from the Garden.
  • DCP are welcome to visit at any time during visiting hours-no appointment is required, however we do ask that the DCP plan for one visit per session rather than coming in and out several times per day.
  • DCP’s must maintain physical distance from all other residents.

Visitation Schedule

Because Tanglewood and Maple Ridge have semi-private rooms, we will be offering two separate visitation days to support physical distancing. Please look carefully at the visitation days to ensure you are attending on the scheduled day. If you are unsure about which day you should visit, please call 902-870-3458.

  • Monday: Martha’s Inn. All rooms
  • Tuesday: Tanglewood. Visits for all residents in semi-private rooms whose bed is by the window and for private rooms from 127-132.
  • Wednesday: Tanglewood. Visits for all residents in semi-private rooms whose bed is by the door and for private rooms from 133-137. 
  • Thursday: Maple Ridge/Brambleberry: Visits for those residents in semi-private rooms whose bed is by the window and for private rooms from 201-215.
  • Friday: MapleRidge/Brambleberry for those residents who are in a semi-private room and whose bed is by the door and for private rooms 216-236.
  • Saturday: Thistledown and Cobblestone Cottages. All rooms.

Residents and the DCP are welcome to enjoy the garden on College Street-access is across from Thistledown Cottage entrance. Signage will assist Residents and DCPs finding their way to and from the Garden.

We ask for your patience as we begin this new visitation process. There are a number of regulations that must be met. As with anything new, we will all get better at it as the days go by and if we are able, we will do what we can to increase visitation based on our available resources.

Infection Prevention and Control Education

For those of you that have provided an email address, Infection Prevention and Control educational material will be sent to you via email on Friday, September 18, 2020. This must be reviewed prior to your first visit. On the day of your first visit, we will discuss this education with you and answer any questions you may have.

For those of you who do not have email or would prefer “in person” education sessions, we will be offering in person education every day next week. We can only host 9 people at any given time.

Education sessions will take place at 1000, 1200 and 3:00pm Monday- Saturday next week. We will also host two evening sessions- Monday and Tuesday evening at 6:30pm if necessary. You must pre-register for the sessions to ensure we do not exceed groups of nine (9). Please pre-register by calling 902-870-3458 between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm daily.

Click on the image above to view the Visitation Brochure

Thank you for your continued patience as we implement these new changes.

Thank you.
Michelle Thompson CEO