Staff Directory

Looking for someone in particular? Please use our staff directory to connect with individuals.

After dialing 902- 863-2578  you will be prompted to enter the extension of the person you wish to contact. Please select extension 233 for general assistance.

Terry MacIntyre

Terry MacIntyre

Mark Chisholm

Mark Chisholm

Director of Environmental & Food Services

902-863-2578 ext 230

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Cathy Brouwer

Executive Administrative Assistant

902-863-2578 ext 233

Gayle Marie Grant

GayleMarie Grant

Director of Finance

902-863-2578 ext 231

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Kim MacDonald

Kim Cameron-MacDonald

Director of Recreation, Spiritual & Volunteers

902-863-2578 ext 245

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Jacqueline Delorey

Jacqueline Delorey

Co-ordinator of Human Resources

902-863-2578 ext 292

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Lee Kelly

Lee Kelly

Director of Clinical Services

902-863-2578 ext 272

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Michelle Cleary

Michelle Tinio

Assistant Director of Clinical Services

902-863-2578 ext 256

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Kalli MacDonald


902-863-2578 ext 236

Catherine Bennett


902-863-2578 ext 267

Miles Tompkins

Physio Therapists

902-863-2578 ext 250

Melissa Arnott

Social Worker


Amy MacDonald

Occupational Therapist

902-863-2578 ext 255

Keren GoMariano

Supervising RN

902-863-2578 ext 298

Charlene Bowen

Supervising RN

902-863-2578 ext 298

RN Team Lead Tanglewood

902-863-2578 ext 296

RN Team Lead Cobblestone & Thistledown

902-863-2578 ext 258

RN Team Lead Maple Ridge & Brambleberry

902-863-2578 ext 227

RN Team Lead Martha’s Inn

902-863-2578 ext 248

Your phone calls and e-mails are very important to us. You will receive an acknowledgement response to your inquiry within two business days and a follow-up within a week. During this time period, should you receive an Out of Office reply and your inquiry requires immediate attention, please contact the R.K. at (902) 863-2578 ext 233 or