Guiding Philosophy

The RK MacDonald is committed to their Guiding Philosophy, the tenants of which are outlined below.

WE BELIEVE human beings are created by and held in existence by God, endowed with intellect and free will, and are destined for eternal life.

WE BELIEVE in patterning our decisions on human values as revealed by Christ in the Gospels, thus seeking to provide the best possible care for our residents.

WE BELIEVE in the dignity, worth, and rights of each person as represented in the ‘Resident Bill of Rights’.

WE BELIEVE in the provision of compassionate and competent care in a homelike and nurturing environment.

WE VALUE family members and friends as an integral part of life in the home and we appreciate and support their contributions.

WE VALUE our staff, volunteers, and students and support their contributions to the enhancement of the lives of our Residents.

WE BELIEVE in the provision of a supportive work environment.

WE BELIEVE in making a contribution to continuing care at the community, regional, and provincial level, through fostering community partnerships and sharing resources.

WE INTEND to carry out this philosophy in keeping with the practices of good management and fiscal responsibility to serve the best interests of our Residents.