Applies to: All Residents & Families


A license from NS Alcohol and Gaming Commission is required for the distribution and consumption of alcohol. The license issued to the RK Mac Donald Nursing Home limits the distribution and consumption of alcohol to Residents ONLY.


Consumption of alcohol by Residents, while on the premises of RK Mac Donald Nursing Home must have the prior consent of a physician.

This consent must be communicated as a written physician order.

Alcohol is a drug and as such shall be administered to Residents by the RN/LPN. All administration of alcohol shall be recorded on the alcohol control record.

Alcohol for resident use must be stored in the Medication Room at all times.

Residents may not keep alcohol in their rooms.

Alcohol purchased by families and brought into the facility without an intact NSLC seal SHALL not be accepted.


A written order is obtained, processed by the RN and the order forwarded to the Finance Department, resident Accounts, for purchase. All alcohol will be purchased from NSLC.

Family purchase of alcohol is permitted providing:

  1. The alcohol has been ordered by the physician
  2. The alcohol is purchased at NSL
  3. All containers of alcohol are delivered to the nursing station with the NSLC seal intact

When alcohol is received, it is to be recorded on the Alcohol control sheet and securely stored in the Medication room.

Upon request, or as ordered, alcohol will be served to the Resident. All servings shall be recorded on the Alcohol Control Record.

Alcohol products not administered by the RN/LPN that are found/observed in Resident’s rooms are to be reported to the Charge Nurse. Alcohol is to be removed immediately from the Resident’s room, labeled with the Resident’s name and stored in the medication room.

The Charge Nurse investigates whether the Resident has been prescribed alcohol by his/her physician. If an order is written for same, the alcohol will be stored as noted above. If the Resident does not have a written order for the use of alcohol, the alcohol will be returned to the family for removal from the building.

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