Applies To: All Nursing Staff


The R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home has a bed capacity for 136 Residents. 83 of the beds are in private rooms. Two of these private rooms connect, providing a suite suitable for a couple. When possible, the suite will be offered to resident couples. Assignment to a private room will be done on a first come, first serve basis unless exceptional circumstances dictate otherwise.


  1. Residents requesting a private room, whether on admission or at some later date, are to contact the Director of Care and have their name placed on an In-home, Private Room Wait List.
  2. The private room list is maintained in order of request, and will include the following information:  Name of Resident, current room number, date of request for private room, room of preference (Nursing unit of choice),
  3. When a private room is offered, a resident has a right to refuse and still remain in place on the private room request list. Data related to private room offering including date offered, accepted or declines, and transfer date will be recorded.
  4. If a private room is refused when offered, the process will see the room offered to the next person on the wait list and continued on until the room is filled.
  5. If the room is not filled internally, it will be offered to a new resident upon admission.

There are occasions when a new admission, or a Resident not on the private room list requires a private room.  The following exception criteria may take priority over the existing wait list:

  1. The Continuing Care Placement Officer requests a private room for a new admission for medical, behavioral, or Adult Protection reasons.
  2. An ‘In-House’ priority for a Resident who develops any medical or behavioral problems and requires a private room.
  3. A Resident who has been placed in the Secure Unit because of bed availability at the time of admission to the R.K., but who does not require the Secure Unit.
  4. Room changes required related to gender.

The decision of private room assignment is the responsibility of the Director of Care or designate. The In-House Private Room Request list will be followed chronologically, unless the Director of Care, in consultation with Charge Nurses &/or Department of Health & Wellness Placement Office personnel determine otherwise. This process will be done with minimal room changes and as operationally fair as possible.

The care and safety of all residents are our priorities when room changes are made. At times, consideration of these factors may impact transfer decisions. When a resident is being considered for a private room transfer the Resident and family will be invited to participate in discussions and where possible, to be involved in the transfer decision.


Cobblestone is a unique part of our Home, providing a safe and secure environment for residents who are at high risk of elopement. Admissions to this unit are under the direction of the Director of Care and as such, are not considered in the usual process of private room assignment.

Assignment to the Couples Suite

If we have a couple living in Our Home, assignment to the couple’s suite on Thistledown will be a priority and may override assignment to private rooms based on the chronological wait list.

Inquiries of Resident/Family

Families/Residents who are inquiring about the availability of a private room should be given a message similar to the following sample to promote a consistent approach to their inquiries:

(Name of Resident) is/is not on our wait list. Resident requesting a private room will be placed on the list in order of date requested. There may be operational reasons why we may have to place someone else in a private room first. While we are unable to provide you with a detailed account of who we have moved and why, we will share with you as much as we can about the decision making process. We ask for your cooperation and patience. Our goal is to have a fair, transparent and consistent process. We welcome any discussion you wish to have with us.

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