Applies to: All Nursing Staff


A Life Care Directive is a written statement in which a competent RK MacDonald Resident indicates their wishes for care in the event their health status changes.  If a Resident lacks capacity to make a competent decision the Substitute Decision maker shall complete the Directive.

Life Care Directives offer our Residents two choices,

  1. Allow a Natural death or
  2. Intervention with possible hospitalization
  3. There is opportunity for special instructions in both cases (see Appendix A)


  1. The Life Care Directive will be signed at the time of admission to the Inn or the Cottage
  2. The RN or LPN will set aside time to answer any questions if necessary.
  3. The Life Care Directives will be reviewed at the Care Conferences or whenever necessary.
  4. Five (5) copies of the Directive will be made on Pink paper and placed on the Residents chart under ‘Discharge Planning’. A copy is to be sent with the Resident if they are transferred to the hospital.
  5. A copy of the Directive must accompany the Resident if transferred to another facility.
  6. A Life Care Directive sticker is place on the Residents chart next to name/physician/room number.
  7. Pertinent information regarding the Life Care Directive will be placed on the clinical snapshot.
  8. If Resident or SDM do not fill out a Life Care Directive, the RN/LPN will send the Resident to the hospital for further assessment if necessary.

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