Generator Transfer Switch replacement completed

February 6, 2020

Effective today, the replacement  of the generator transfer switch is completed.

This means that in the event of a power outage, the generator will engage automatically, as it did in the past, and there will be no significant period without power or any need for a manual generator start up.

Thanks to the Maintenance Department for managing this project so efficiently,  to the staff working through the planned power outages and to residents and visitors for their patience as we addressed the issue.

It should be “business as usual” moving forward!

Thanks again Everyone

Water main break

Posted on in Notices.

Water main break has been fixed and water has been restored to the building.

Water Main Break

Posted on in Notices.

The Town of Antigonish has experienced a water main break today that has significantly impacted the water supply at RK. They are hopeful the water will be restored this evening. We are prepared to manage overnight if it is necessary.

We have implemented the following:

  • Drinking water is available in each of the care areas for staff, visitors and residents.
  • Non-potable water is available on each care area to flush toilets.
  • Potable water for handwashing and resident care has been made available to the care areas.
  • We have converted to disposable plates and cutlery for the evening meals.
  • We have reached out to St. Martha’s to assist us with linen.
  • Additional staff will be brought in as required to support front line staff with activities such as dishwashing, laundry and to ensure that any missed showers or regular baths are done once the water is restored (or next business day)


We have had several meetings with staff throughout the day to keep them updated and to bring information back to staff and residents in each care area and department.


When water is restored we will post a note on the website.