Updates to Family Visits for Phase II

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As always the easing of restrictions is exciting and while the highlights are announced, often the details are not. New easing of restrictions means increased access to visitors and the community, but the Public Health measures have not eased.

Full details can be found here.


Update To Family Visitation Rules June 1st

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There have been a few important changes to visitation effective Wednesday, June 2 at 11:00 am. Please see the full post here.

Updated Family Vistation – March 31st

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Dear Family and Friends of RK MacDonald:

Please see the following update regarding our visitation restrictions. You will notice that there is an updated email address and phone number in order to book Indoor visits.

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Updated Family Visit Rules

The Family Visitation guidelines have been updated as per recommendation made by Dr. Strang on Friday, February 26th, 2021.

The full list of Family Visitation rules can be read here.

Christmas Visitation Update

Christmas Visitiation – December 17th, 2020

Dear Friends and Family of RK MacDonald,

Yesterday, Dr.Strang made an announcement regarding LTC visitation in Nova Scotia. As he mentioned, each nursing home will implement the new directives according to their resources. We will be implementing the following visitation effective Monday, December 21, 2020:

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Updated Visitation Restrictions

Yesterday Dr Strang announced that Designated Care Providers (DCPs) will be reduced to one (1) person in LTC facilities from two (2). 

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New Guidelines Released – November 25th, 2020

Dr. Strang made some changes to LTC restrictions yesterday November 24th, 2020

Please see the full details here.

New Guidelines Released – November 20th, 2020

Dr. Strang made some changes to LTC restrictions today during the press conference at 1:30pm.

Please see the full details here.

Family Visitation Rules – Nov. 10th, 2020

November 10, 2020

Dear Residents, Friends and Family Members of R.K. MacDonald

As we continue to learn to live with COVID-19, I am reaching out today to remind everyone in the R.K. Community that we need to practice Public Health measures and follow visitation rules strictly.

For many of us, COVID-19 may just be a mild illness if we contract it, but we know from the experience in our province, the country and the world that COVID-19 has significant impacts in Long Term Care.

As a facility, we continue to follow all infection prevention and control practices, we have hired additional staff to screen visitors, assist with visits and we have also increased cleaning throughout the Home. These are all important steps, but these steps prevent the spread of illness. Our main goal is to keep COVID-19 out of the facility altogether. Given the recent spike in cases in Nova Scotia, we must work together to ensure the risk of exposure is minimal to residents and staff.

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New Family Visitation Updates

Starting on Tuesday, October 27, 2020, visitation for the Designated Care provider will be increased.

If your family member lives downstairs, visitation will be on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If your loved one lives upstairs, visits are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Visiting time is from 11-5.

There will be no visitation on Monday, October 26th, 2020.

Effective Tuesday, October 27th, 2020 visitation for the Designated Care Providers will be increased.

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