Visitation Update – October 7, 2021

Oct 7, 2021

Update for Oct. 7, 2021

Re: Phase 5 Visitation Update

Dear Residents, family and Friends of the RK,

*New proof of vaccination required*

On Wednesday, September 29th, 2021, the Premier of Nova Scotia and Dr. Robert Strang announced a new government policy that will take effect Monday Octo. 4th , 2021. The new policy now requires mandatory vaccination for all staff and visitors to protect our most vulnerable populations form the Delta Variant of COVID-19.

Effective immediately:

  • All general visitors [family friends, volunteers, vendors, contractors, etc.] to the RK MacDonald Nursing Home must be doubly vaccinated and present proof of vaccination at the Screening Desk effective Oct. 4th , 2021. All Designated Care Givers are required to be doubly vaccinated and present proof of vaccination effective Nov. 30th, 2021.
  • Residents may not leave the facility with visitors that are not fully vaccinated. This does not include designated care givers.
  • All LTC residents throughout the province may leave their facility to participate in activities in the community. All residents may attend overnight visits except when the overnight visit will occur in the central zone. This means residents of any zone (including central zone) may attend overnight visits that occur outside the central zone.
  • Medical masks continue to be mandatory for all visitors, designated care givers and staff. At all times during the visit, visitors must ensure the mask covers their mouth and nose. If staff notice your mask is not covering your face, they will say “mask up please” as a reminder.

This government policy applies to various sectors in Nova Scotia. More specifically, it includes all workers, professionals and volunteers in licensed and unlicensed long term care facilities and it also applies to all visitors entering long term care facilities.  However, if you have NOT received a COVID-19 vaccine OR have only received one dose of any two-dose COVID-19 regime then you are not fully vaccinated and, unfortunately, are not be permitted to enter the RK.

As a Home, we recognize the importance of family and friends as a key component in quality of life. However, respecting safety as a core value here at the RK, our number one priority remains the safety of our residents and our staff. We ask for your patience and cooperation with these new public health measures.

Stay safe, get vaccinated and follow basic public health measures – we’ll be okay!