Visitation Update February 4, 2022

Feb 4, 2022

Dear Families,

On behalf of our Senior Leadership team and all our staff, I offer a most sincere thank you and wish to express how much we appreciate your support and understanding during these difficult times.

No matter where we turn in life there are risks, we know they are not going away and we need to implement safety practices to manage them. Clearly, this is the case with COVID-19; we acknowledge the risks, we assess the risks, implement measures to address the risks and acknowledge there will always be a risk.

Ongoing discussions with colleagues at other homes and Provincial Infection Prevention and Control staff repeatedly stress that COVID will get in to the Home when we are less than 6’ apart and we remove our masks to eat, drink or chat. This is called a “gap in masking” and we simply cannot afford any gaps in masking!

DCG Visitation: Phase 1 – starting Monday, Feb. 7, 2002

  • Substitute Decision Maker will appoint 1 current DCG in Phase 1 by notifying the Screening Team at or by calling 902-870-3458 [daily between 9am and 7pm] prior to your initial visit
  • Open to visitation seven (7) days a week from 11:00am to 5:00pm
  • Wash your hands regularly when visiting
  • Keep your mask over your nose and mouth at all times- visits will be suspended if this is not followed 
  • Please do not bring food or drinks to the Home as it creates a “gap in masking” opportunity. Feel welcome to bring treats for your family member
  • On arrival, DCG’s will be provided with a mask for themselves and second mask for their family member resident – we strongly recommend residents wear a mask during the visit
  • No switching DCG’s
  • Visits to take place in the residents room with the door open to support proper mask wearing
  • New resident DCG’s will be provided with the Infection Prevention and Control in-service prior to their initial visit
  • Please do not visit the Home if you are feeling unwell or are a close contact of a COVID +ve individual
  • If you become unwell and test positive for COVID-19 after visiting, please let us know immediately by calling 902-714-5656
  • Phase I will be re-evaluated in 2 weeks

We are learning to live with COVID-19 and feel the layers of safety we have put in place will enable us to manage any COVID-19 situation. On behalf of our Residents, Senior Leadership team and all our staff, we welcome you back to the RK!

Kindest personal regards, Terry MacIntyre, CEO