Therapeutic Recreation Programmer

Apr 8, 2024

POSITION: Therapeutic Recreation Programmer
DEPARTMENT: Recreation
RESPONSIBLE TO: Director of Recreation, Spiritual, & Volunteers

As a member of the Recreation Team, the Recreation Programmer provides Recreation programs and opportunities for the Residents, which allows for their engagement in their own Home, their R.K. Community, and maintain contact with the larger community. Reporting to the Director of Recreation, Spiritual, and Volunteers, the programmer is responsible for the delivery of recreation programming services of the department as well as assisting with the delivery of Spiritual services. The essential functional areas of responsibility include providing Recreation/Leisure/Spiritual programming and leading, encouraging, and supporting Residents, staff, and Volunteers in the delivery of these programs and opportunities utilizing their strengths and expertise. As an employee of the R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home, every person has a responsibility to be involved in providing a stimulating environment for the Residents – creating an alive and vibrant community based on meaningful relationships. In keeping, with our Mission, Vision, & Values and our philosophy of Resident Centered Care, the Recreation Programmer as a partner in the provision of care and support of our Residents, represents the home in a positive, professional, efficient, and confidential manner.

Key Responsibilities:

Provide Recreation services, programs, and opportunities for the Residents, which allows for engagement with their own Home, their R.K. Community, and maintain contact with the larger Community.

  • To plan and schedule group recreation programming in coordination with Director/Team based on an understanding of the Resident needs and abilities and the available resources from the Home and the community
  • To assist with development of the recreational assessment and plan for each Resident which will be completed upon admission, is included in the interdisciplinary plan of care, and is updated as the Resident’s individual needs change.
  • To plan, implement, schedule, and evaluate Recreation program with an understanding of the Resident’s needs and abilities and utilizing available resources from the home and the community.
  • To set up, transport (if necessary), supervise, and facilitate scheduled programs.
  • To organize work in a time effective manner to complete all required elements of program planning.
  • To facilitate opportunities for community interaction, intergenerational programs and relationships, cultural exposure, and more.
  • To motivate Residents to grow and improve their own health through Recreation programs and activities that involve some challenge, excitement, rewards, choices, concentration, and pure fun.
  • To ensure that the Standards of Practice for Recreation as a Therapy and Service (2006) is used as a basis for the delivery of recreation and leisure services.
  • Assist with developing annual and long-term goals and objectives for the department.
  • Promote positive relationships with all the departments and with the local community.
  • Participate in Recreation Staff meetings and contributes toward periodic reviews of program effectiveness.
  • Prepare Resident updates for care conferences for the Director and attend when required.
  • To provide education, encouragement, promotion, and support for the elders in their independent leisure pursuits.
  • To collect, monitor, and document program participation daily in any program and make periodic reports to the Director. And, actively evaluate resident 1st voice participation in programming for data collection.
  • To inform the Director of departmental needs in relation to personnel, space, equipment, and supplies.
  • Co-operates with other staff, volunteers, and Elders to promote effective communication within the facility. Supporting an interdisciplinary team approach.
  • Serves on committees as Directed by Administration. Understands that the Resident and family are central to all departmental activities, services, and decisions.
  • Set up, prepare, and assist with the delivery of Spiritual programming and services in coordination with Director and religious leaders.

Assist with the Volunteer Program and provide a positive experience for both the Resident and the Volunteer.

  • Assist with training, support, and recognition of Volunteers.
  • Direct orientation, work facilitation, and supervision of volunteers and/or student placements provided to enhance Programming.

Knowledge and Skills

  • The NSRPH (Nova Scotia Recreation Professionals in Health) Standards of Practice. Program planning, adaptation, leadership, and communication techniques.
  • Annual WHMIS & Fire Safety In-Service & are familiar with the Emergency Plan Manual & Policy and Procedures.
  • Proven excellence in facilitation skills.

Educational Qualifications

  • 2 year Diploma in Therapeutic Recreation or the equivalent to NSRPH classification for Programmer II
  • Regular & consistent attendance is essential.

Experience required

  • Minimum of 3 years recent experience in a Long-Term Care and/or Community setting.
  • Proven leadership ability, excellent communication skills, and facilitation skills.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Ability to foster, demonstrate and maintain good public relations with Residents, families, visitors, and Volunteers.
  • Ability to develop and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers and other members of the health care team.
  • Ability to work independently and complete assigned work.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  • Must be physically able to perform all aspects of the work.
  • Annual WHMIS and Fire Safety In-Service and familiar with the Emergency Plan Manual and Policy and Procedures.

Please note:  This is not a job listing, this is a job description. For current opportunities click here.

Safe Work Practices / Responsibilities

The R.K MacDonald Occupational Health and Safety Home Policy establishes employee expectations for working safely.  To achieve these expectations employees at all levels of the organization must adhere to Core Values of Safety and Safety Responsibilities listed below:
  • Commit to working safely.
  • Adhere to Safety Rules.
  • Conduct Inspections.
  • Conduct JTA`S & Develop SWPs.
  • Adhere to SOPs & SWPs.
  • Report Incidents / Hazards.
  • Wear PPE.
  • Apply their training.

We are committed to upholding the Human Rights of all R.K MacDonald employees, including the right of all people to enjoy a physically and psychologically safe work environment; the right of all people to just and favourable terms of employment; and the right of all people to be respected and valued for their differences with equitable opportunities and outcomes in an inclusive environment where all can thrive.