In keeping with provincial legislation, the RK Mac Donald is a smoke/tobacco free environment. Smoking is not permitted in the building or on the property, including the gazebo out front and the parking lot. The law now applies to e-cigarettes.

However, the Smoke Free Act of Nova Scotia does permit Long Term Care facilities, such as the RK, to have an enclosed, ventilated space that Residents ONLY can access. This room is located on the 2nd floor of the building.

We recognize the addiction and life-long habits some Residents have with smoking. For the safety of all Residents and staff, use of this room is restricted to those residents that are able to smoke safely and independently


  • The safety of our Residents, staff and facility is our top priority
  • Residents are permitted to smoke in the designated smoking room only provided they can do so SAFELY and INDEPENDENTLY
  • The smoking room is for Residents only
  • Provincial law restricts the use of the room to Residents over the age of 19
  • Cigarettes, lighters, matches etc are left with the Resident at the discretion of the Charge Nurse
  • Due to safety and health concerns related to second hand smoke, staff are not required to provide any assistance to Residents choosing to smoke

When Independence Declines

Recognizing the addiction and desires associated with smoking, if the ability of a resident to smoke safety and independently declines, a case conference with the resident, family, doctor, nurses and other staff will be held to develop strategies to implement a smoking cessation program