Resident’s Clerk

Apr 8, 2024

Please note:  This is not a job listing, this is a job description. For current opportunities click here.

POSITION: Resident’s Clerk
RESPONSIBLE TO: Director of Finance

Reporting to the Director of Finance, the Resident’s Clerk provides a liaison service between families/residents and the billing and government funding procedures associated with long term care. The Resident’s Clerk provides on-site Resident Trust Account management services to the residents of the RK Mac Donald Nursing Home as well as the financial preparation of invoices, billings, and recording of recoveries associated with Resident accounts. The Resident’s clerk also provides financial support for billings associated with provision of services to the Antigonish Manor. As an employee of the RK Mac Donald Nursing Home every person has a responsibility to be involved in providing a stimulating environment for the residents.  In keeping with our Mission, Vision and Values and our philosophy of Resident Centered Care, the Resident’s Clerk serves as a positive role model; as a partner in the provision of care and support of our Residents; and represents the home in a positive, professional, efficient and confidential manner.


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Understands that the Resident and family are central to all departmental activities, services and decisions
  2. Establishes and maintains working relationships and performs all work in keeping with the Mission, Vision, Values and philosophy of resident centered care of the RK Mac Donald Nursing Home
  3. Accounts receivable
    • Prepare and mail Daily Accommodation Charge billings including recovery of all optional services paid through the Resident Trust account.
    • Tracking all admissions, discharges and deaths.
    • Prepare and mail invoices for contractual services provided to the Antigonish Manor
    • Prepare all respite billings.
    • Prepare all Veterans Affairs Canada billings for Blue Cross payment.
    • Prepare an Resident telephone recovery invoice.
    • Prepare EFT spreadsheet for the Residents and Enriched Housing tenants who pay through monthly withdrawal from their bank accounts.
    • Receipt all money coming in to operating and safekeeping for Residents through various sources such as Resident Daily Accommodation Charge billings, OAS, CPP, Pensions, VAC, GST, etc.
    • Receipt all money coming in to operating for the Home such as Dietary recovery, WCB, Rental Income, Benefits, Eden, Rebates, Enriched Housing, Custodial etc.
    • Track outstanding receivables and follow up on outstanding invoices.
      • Enter invoices for all new policy and respite Residents from the Revenue Journal
      • Code the receipt book and post to the appropriate accounts.
      • Long Term Care Reconciliation reports for DOHW
  1. Resident Trust Account Management
    • Distribute cash to Residents as requested.
    • Assisting Residents with personal spending, if requested (ie ordering flowers, meals etc)
    • Handle various resident payables for services such as Hair care, Care-van, Lawton’s Foot care, life insurance, ambulance and telephone,
    • Manage PUA for grand parented residents and MRI for new policy residents.
    • Post and balance safekeeping trust ledgers. Receipt the CPP, OAS cheques and distribute HST cheques.
  1. New Resident Admission
    • Meet with all new families of Residents prior to admission and explains the billing procedure
    • Set up Lawton’s charge account for each Resident
    • Complete EFT form by obtaining the banking information required,
    • Other forms as necessary such as Consent to Release Tax Payer Information
    • Notify (by fax) Lawton’s, EHS, and Department of Health and Wellness with required admission information
    • Relay information collected during discussion to appropriate sources
  1. Petty Cash
    • Manages distribution of Petty Cash
  1. Other Financial Supports for Residents
    • Income Tax Receipt Preparation for Families of Residents that request them.
    • Other duties as requested such as preparation of Custodial billings.
    • Notify MSI if someone under 65 is admitted so they can be enrolled in the under 65 Pharmacare Program.
    • Manage cigarette and NSLC purchases.
    • If Consent to Release Tax Payer Information is not signed, manage collection of Notice of Assessments and forward to DHW for reassessment
    • Assist families in applying for EHS Ambulance Assistance Fee Program
    • Maintain all residents’ phone numbers and coordinate with Maintenance for hookups and disconnects.
    • Communicate with Aliant as necessary for addition of services and any issues that Maintenance cannot repair.
  2. Membership on committees as designated.
  3. Other clerical duties as assigned.

Education Required, Training and Experience

Graduate from a recognized College business or administrative assistant program that included courses in basic accounting or book keeping


Job related Skills & Competencies:

  • Working knowledge of Micro Soft Word and Excel required
  • Ability to communicate effectively with residents, visitors, and staff.
  • Ability to work appropriately and efficiently with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to maintain confidential integrity around confidential information.
  • Ability to provide accuracy and detail in work performance.
  • Ability to use appropriate and effective judgment
  • Ability to apply mathematical concepts to problem solving situations.

Safe Work Practices / Responsibilities

The R.K MacDonald Occupational Health and Safety Home Policy establishes employee expectations for working safely.  To achieve these expectations employees at all levels of the organization must adhere to Core Values of Safety and Safety Responsibilities listed below:
  • Commit to working safely.
  • Adhere to Safety Rules.
  • Conduct Inspections.
  • Conduct JTA`S & Develop SWPs.
  • Adhere to SOPs & SWPs.
  • Report Incidents / Hazards.
  • Wear PPE.
  • Apply their training.

We are committed to upholding the Human Rights of all R.K MacDonald employees, including the right of all people to enjoy a physically and psychologically safe work environment; the right of all people to just and favourable terms of employment; and the right of all people to be respected and valued for their differences with equitable opportunities and outcomes in an inclusive environment where all can thrive.