Planting Memories

Sep 13, 2017

Resident Edgar McPhee recently chatted with Casket reporter Richard MacKenzie about his life long passion for gardening and how he is using his skills to enrich the lives of other Residents.

Edgar McPhee has had a lifelong passion for gardening and he continues to display his green-thumb as a resident at R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home in Antigonish.

McPhee planted vegetables in garden boxes on the home’s grounds, which are at a height he can work with from his wheelchair.

McPhee noted he has been at the R.K. for two years and he has done the gardening both years.
“Last year and again this year,” he said, adding his crops include; “cucumbers, turnip, beans [green and yellow], beets, onion, and tomatoes.”

Asked about his selections, McPhee said they’re choices “we can use” and it’s noted he also shares his produce with some folks outside of the R.K. as well.

You can read the entire article, which was posted on September 8th, on the Casket’s website here.