Personal Companion Information for Families

A Personal Companion is someone who provides one-on-one companionship to another person. They are never involved in any personal care activities.

From time to time Residents, Family members, or Substitute Decision Makers wish to hire a person privately to provide social visiting or companionship. While we fully support these relationships the RK MacDonald Nursing Home is responsible for the quality of care and health and safety of all our Residents.

For that reason we have a Policy on Personal Companions.

All persons entering into a Personal Companion agreement must comply with the RK MacDonald Personal Companion Policy, and sign the Personal Companion Policy Agreement.

This Policy requires all potential personal companions to be screened by the Department of Nursing, including a criminal record and reference check before they are permitted to offer any services within the Home.

The RK Mac Donald Nursing Home is responsible for the safety and security of all persons in the Home. A Personal Companion is a person hired directly by the Resident, family member or substitute decision maker to assist in providing companionship to an Resident. Personal Companions are not employees of the RK MacDonald Nursing Home, nor are they retained by the RK MacDonald Nursing Home to provide services. The RK Mac Donald Nursing Home reserves the right to dissolve a Personal Companion Agreement.

If you have any questions please contact your Charge Nurse, the Administrative Assistant, or the Director of Care.

A copy of the policy is available for your review