Pan Pal Project a Great Success With Residents

Jun 23, 2021

The RK MacDonald Nursing Home is delighted to see its residents connecting with local students. During a time when so many of us feel isolated already, the burden on our residents has been even higher as public health measures have often resulted in visits from loved ones being cancelled or postponed.

A recent article in Saltwire covers the wonderful relationship between the students and our residents.

A pen pal project at Dr. J.H. Gillis Regional High School has allowed students to connect with senior citizens in the community.

Students in Mrs. Synishin’s Grade 12 health and human services class were tasked with the assignment of writing letters to residents of the R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home.

“I was pleasantly surprised with how much the Grade 12s loved it,” said Synishin. “One sort of incidental thing that they learned that a lot of them didn’t know was just the art of writing a personal letter … and practicing their cursive writing was a big deal because I wasn’t gonna let them email. I said it has to be a generational thing where you’re personally writing a letter to someone.”

Read the full article on the Saltwire website here.