Occupational Health and Safety: Awareness and Engagement Session

Apr 11, 2024

Byron Donovan, OHS Consultant lead the RK staff in education sessions capturing the RK’s safety goals of: 1) Respect the autonomy of our residents including the right to risk within an informed and collaborative decision-making process and; 2) fostering a culture of safety and respect for all who come in contact with our facility.

Our commitment to a culture of safety is founded in always thinking about safety, which determines how we safely carry out our duties and in turn, defines our culture. The OHS Internal Responsibility System states: “All persons employed by the R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home share responsibility for their personal safety and that of their co-workers”. Safety is important to us!

During the presentation, Mr. Donovan touched on the OHS Act, Regulations, Standards and Code of Practice.  As well, he laid out our responsibilities as Senior Leaders and staff. Such responsibilities include a commitment to work safely, adhere to safety rules, conduct inspections, report incidents and hazards, wear PPE as required and to apply our safety training.

The topics covered during this presentation can be reviewed at the “Right to Know Board” located at the staff entrance.