Message from the CEO

Jan 11, 2023

Reflecting on 2022, each one of us has contributed to our mission of “providing loving, dignified quality care and enabling people to love full and abundant lives”. Over the past year, there have been many instances where the word “awesome” was used to describe our efforts, our services and our annual Continuous Quality Indicators provides amble evidence of your awesomeness!

According to the staff based Accreditation Survey on Well-Being, Quality and Safety, 80% of responses were positive. I am very pleased to note that 96% of responses regarding diversity, equity and inclusion were positive … which tells me the RK is a respectful and welcoming place for staff, residents and their families representing a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds! Well done!

Our annual Family Satisfaction Survey and Resident Satisfaction Survey also provide evidence of our collective awesomeness! Family satisfaction surveys revealed 87% of responses to be positive and 82% of Residents responses were positive!  Although each of these surveys are very positive, they provide critical feedback in terms of where we can improve.

The past year has certainly thrown us a few curves; COVID made its presence felt, we braved several storms and staffing was a challenge. Yet, our quality indicators are all very positive and I feel the root of our success lies in our everyday commitment in role modelling our core values!

Our strengths are a dedicated staff, continuous family feedback, generous Foundation support, strong Board leadership and Government support. Special thanks to the Hon. Barbara Adams, Minister, Dept. of Seniors and Long Term Care and the Hon. Michelle Thompson, Minister, Dept. of Health and Wellness for your financial support, advice, team building and leadership!

For 2023, a few goals…

  1. Accreditation: To maintain our status as a nationally accredited Long Term Care Facility
  2. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: To continue to support a culture that welcomes, promotes and respects diversity, equity and inclusion
  3. Infrastructure Renewal: To implement a process where all stakeholders have the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to the future of the RK MacDonald Nursing Home

I truly believe our 2022 quality indicators support our claim of “awesomeness”; they substantiate our commitment to our core values and reflect the RK family is well positioned to meet the exciting challenges that await us in 2023!

We have a great team …. thank you for being you!

Most sincerely,

Terry MacIntyre, CEO
RK MacDonald Nursing Home