Message from CEO to Families & Staff Dec 25, 2021

Dec 25, 2021

Merry Christmas everyone,

Update: We are following up with a COVID-19 positive staff member and are working with both Public Health and Occupational Health Safety and Wellness and have implemented all cautionary measures. Our residents and staff are all vaccinated and continue to be symptom free. Public Health has advised us to swab the residents of Maple Ridge / Brambleberry and this is happening as we speak.

As an ongoing cautionary measure, we will continue to restrict visitor access to Maple Ridge / Brambleberry and ask that if you have access to a rapid test kit, please do the test within 24 hours of your visit.  

We will provide regular updates to ensure everyone is kept in the loop!

Take care and enjoy your day!

Terry MacIntyre


RK MacDonald Nursing Home

1-902-863-2578  ext. 272