InterRai Update

Jan 16, 2023

LTC Digital Transformation (interRAI)

We are pleased to share a project update about the LTC Digital Transformation (also known as the interRAI Project). The goal of this project is to implement an assessment that will identify a resident’s needs and can be used to develop more effective care plans and interventions leading to improved resident care and health outcomes.

Project Background

The interRAI-LTCF assessment is considered best practice for assessing the needs of our residents. The assessment is embedded in a technology application, making the resident’s assessment and care plan accessible in an electronic format at the point of care. By completing an interRAI assessment, staff can assess the function, mental and physical health, social support, and service use to gather the full picture. This assessment will improve access to accurate, timely client information and increase use of evidence-based care plans all while improving communication between staff and facilities.

Project Go-Live

  • The implementation of the interRAI assessment will “go-live” on February 14, 2023
  • Staff will begin using the assessment and leveraging technology and IT services from this date