Director of Clinical Services

Apr 8, 2024

POSITION: Director of Clinical Services
DEPARTMENT: Nursing and Rehabilitation Services

As a member of the Leadership Team, the Director of Clinical Services provides oversight of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Nursing Services to ensure a coordinated and collaborative approach to resident care. The Director of Clinical Services works closely with the Assistant Director of Clinical Services to ensure clinical services are coordinated, collaborative across professional disciplines and all departments. Reporting to the CEO responsibilities include the day to day management and integration of clinical services throughout the organization. The essential functional areas of responsibility include the delivery of quality, safe clinical services that respects and enhances the quality of life for every Resident and their family by ensuring adherence to applicable Standards of Practice, delivery of person centred care. In keeping with our Mission, Vision and Values and our philosophy of Person Centered Care, the Director of Clinical Services serves as a positive role model; as a partner in the provision of care and support of our Residents, and represents the home in a positive, professional, efficient and confidential manner.

Key Responsibilities:

Effectively manage Clinical Services through monitoring of the Rehabilitation and Nursing Department budgets ensuring that the annual budget is not exceeded

  • Monthly review and analysis of clinical services departmental financial data in collaboration with appropriate departmental mangers
  • Investigate variances, develop corrective action plan and report same to CEO
  • Participates in annual Capital equipment planning process in collaboration with other Senior Leaders
  • Submission of Capital equipment requests

Coordinate the provision of Clinical Services that are person centered and that support and reflect the Mission, Vision and Values of the RK Mac Donald Nursing Home

  • Ensure annual review of clinical policies by appropriate clinical staff or manager and ensure revisions are completed as required.
  • Develop yearly clinical services delivery goals and objectives that support the Strategic Plan and are in support of achieving/maintaining Accreditation Canada standards
  • Ensure Licensed staff as well as all clinical services support staff maintain care practices in accordance with standards of practice and care that comply with operating requirements of department, relevant federal, provincial and professional legislation, standards &/or regulations
  • Provide assistance and direction to employees that facilitates the highest quality of efficient, effective and safe care
  • Provides systematic monitoring and evaluation of resident needs and satisfaction with care through collaboration with Departmental Directors (ie rehab Services or Nursing)
  • Monitor program and resident outcomes, evaluate all aspects of the operation and assess and plan for the future
  • Identify any outstanding issue or concerns of family, residents or staff and implement any corrective actions as required in collaboration with appropriate departments
  • Annually review and update Job Descriptions

Effectively plan and oversee human resources in the rehabilitation and nursing departments in collaboration with the appropriate Departmental Director and Human Resources Coordinator

  • Actively participates in the departmental hiring process or appoints designate
  • Develops action oriented performance review systems
  • Ensures that probationary performance reviews with accompanying plan of development and goals are conducted as required by contract
  • Discipline, up to and including dismissal
  • Coaching, mentoring and empowering RN/LPN Team Leads, OT and PT
  • Supports and assists the RN/LPN Team Leads in coaching, mentoring and empowering their staff
  • Supports and assist the OT and PT in the development of leadership skills, collaboration and working to the full scope of their profession.
  • Approves vacation/LOA requests or appoints a departmental designate

Ensure the orientation and ongoing education of departmental staff including development and continuing education through collaboration with Clinical Service Directors and the Education Coordinator

  • Ensure educational provisions are made to meet required performance standards
  • Work with clinical service manager to identify and prioritize learning needs of clinical services staff
  • Ensures that all clinical staff participate in required annual educational safety programs
  • Identify best practices and associated educational needs of clinical services departments

Accountable for the Safety and Risk Management of Clinical services

  • Identification and management of potential risks in collaboration with Departmental Directors, RN / LPN Team Leads and other clinical support staff.
  • Participates as a Leader in the JOHS program and Risk Management Program
  • Monitoring and auditing of Departmental compliance as necessary

Communication: through personal behavior and interactions, will consistently demonstrates a humanistic, affiliative approach to relationships:

  • Within department, with other team members and with union representatives
  • In all interactions, within and while representing the facility
  • With all Residents and families
  • While establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships

Ensures Continuous Quality Initiatives in all activities

  • Maintains clinical practice knowledge within professional designation
  • Ensures other Clinical Services Directors maintain practice knowledge
  • Establish and direct systems for evidence based practice/outcome measurement and improving quality of nursing care
  • Determine resident care quality improvement goals and objectives
  • Ensure that all staff maintain a current knowledge of trends and issues within the field and recommend changes in standards, policies and procedures, equipment and programs as appropriate
  • Analyze CQI data to identify solutions or improvements as required
  • Review relevant occurrences and ensure appropriate follow-up as required

Participates in Committees/teams as required

  •  Ensure that all nursing committees are structured and focused on meeting the Goals established by the Strategic Plan
  •  Sits as a Chair of at least one organizational committee

Leadership Roles

  • Active participant on the leadership team
  • Demonstrates integration of the Mission, Vision and Values into practice
  • Participates in annual Strategic planning process
  • Participates in Succession planning
  • Evidenced based clinical decision making

Leadership Competencies Required

  • Leading Others as demonstrated by the ability to establish focus, to provide motivational support, fostering teamwork, empowering others.
  • Managing Change as indicated by the ability to demonstrate support for innovation and for organizational changes needed to improve the organization’s effectiveness
  • Managing Others as demonstrated by the ability to work with others to coach and mentor them to develop their capabilities
  • Managing Performance as demonstrated by ability to take responsibility for one’s own or one’s employee’s performance by setting clear goals and expectations, tracking progress against goals, ensuring feedback and addressing performance issue promptly.
  • Communication as demonstrated by the ability to ensure that information is passed on to others who should be kept informed as well as the ability to express oneself clearly in conversations and interactions, in writing and to be able to plan and deliver conversations that have an impact and persuade their intended audience.
  • Interpersonal Awareness as demonstrated by the ability to notice, interpret and anticipate others concerns and feelings and to communicate this awareness empathetically to others
  • Influence Others as demonstrated by the ability to gain others’ support for ideas, proposals, objectives, projects and solutions
  • Building Collaborative relationships as demonstrated by the ability to develop, maintain and strengthen partnerships both internal and external to the facility
  • Customer Service Orientation perspective as demonstrated by the respectful, positive manner in which one responds to expressed concerns and the strong desire to find resolution and meet people’s needs
  • Information Gathering as demonstrated by the ability to identify information needed to clarify a situation and using skillful questioning to draw out information from reluctant sources
  • Thinking abilities including analytical, forward, conceptual and strategic abilities to enable one to tackle a problem, anticipate implications and consequences, find effective solutions and planning for the future direction of the Home
  • Initiative to identify what needs to be done and take action before being asked or the situation requires it
  • Results oriented to enable one to focus on the desired results, sets challenging goals and meeting or exceeding them
  • Thoroughness as demonstrated by ensuring that one’s own work, the work of employees and all information collected and shared is complete and accurate. Ensuring that commitments are fulfilled
  • Decisiveness as demonstrated by the ability to make difficult decisions in a timely manner
  • Self Confidence
  • Stress management
  • Personal Credibility
  • Flexibility

Position Specific Competencies

  • Clinical practice knowledge
  • Delivery models/designs knowledge
  • Safe practice initiatives
  • Utilization
  • Quality improvement Initiatives
  • Risk management theory & practice
  • Sound understanding of Ethical practice
  • Consistently acts as a role model for advocacy
  • Sound understanding of Union Contracts & Negotiations
  • Possess the person centered qualities and attitudes that respect the spirit, dignity and individuality of the Resident/resident and their family
  • Understands and is able to integrate a philosophy of person centered care into the daily operations of the nursing department
  • Able to supervise staff including the ability to mentor, coach and empower staff
  • A working knowledge of budgeting
  • Able to work independently and as part of the Leadership Team

Educational Qualifications

  • Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing, Physiotherapy, or Occupational Therapy required. Masters Degree is preferred

Experience Required

  • 5 years management experience in nursing
  • Experience in gerontology nursing an asset

Approved by: CEO, Terry MacIntyre

Please note:  This is not a job listing, this is a job description. For current opportunities click here.

Safe Work Practices / Responsibilities

The R.K MacDonald Occupational Health and Safety Home Policy establishes employee expectations for working safely. To achieve these expectations employees at all levels of the organization must adhere to Core Values of Safety and Safety Responsibilities listed below:

  • Demonstrate leadership commitment.
  • Communicate hazards and controls.
  • Conduct inspections & investigations.
  • Provide Training / Communicate / Lead / Coach.
  • Provide necessary tools / equipment / PPE.
  • Monitor Compliance to SOPs & SWPs.
  • Enforce disciplines & Discipline as required.

We are committed to upholding the Human Rights of all R.K MacDonald employees, including the right of all people to enjoy a physically and psychologically safe work environment; the right of all people to just and favourable terms of employment; and the right of all people to be respected and valued for their differences with equitable opportunities and outcomes in an inclusive environment where all can thrive.