Apr 8, 2024

Please note:  This is not a job listing, this is a job description. For current opportunities click here.

POSITION: Dietitian
DEPARTMENT: Food Services
RESPONSIBLE TO: Director of Environmental and Food Services

Reporting to the Director of Environmental and Food Services, the Dietitian will develop, coordinate and evaluate nutritional services for the Home. The Dietitian assists the Director in the day to day management of the Food Services operation and its personnel and provides a vital link between the department and its personnel and the leadership team.  In addition, the Dietitian assists the Director in identifying goals and objectives to further improve the overall scope and efficiency of the Food Services Department and sets the standards for safety, sanitation, and food quality.

As an employee of the RK Mac Donald Nursing Home, every person has a responsibility to be involved in providing a stimulating environment for the residents. In keeping with our Mission, Vision, Core Values and our philosophy of Resident Centered Care, the Dietitian serves as a positive role model; as a partner in the provision of care and support of our Residents, and represents the home in a positive, professional, efficient and confidential manner.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Understands that the Resident and family are central to all departmental activities, services and decisions.
  2. Establishes and maintains working relationships and performs all work in keeping with the Mission, Vision, Core Values and philosophy of resident centered care of the RK Mac Donald Nursing Home and professional Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.
  3. With the Director, plans, organizes, directs, and implements the food service to ensure that the department functions optimally, through the following activities:
    • Completion of departmental payroll in collaboration with Administrative Assistant.
    • Approval of department schedule and schedule changes.
    • Oversees the appropriate purchasing, ordering, and stock and inventory control in collaboration with the Administrative Assistant. Monthly costs are discussed as necessary with the Director.
    • Provide overall supervision of all food services including preparation, delivery and serving of all meals as well as any catering functions in collaboration with cooks.
    • Develops, facilitates and mentors a cooperative team approach in the provision of food services
    • Alerts the Director to performance issues, complaints or concerns by residents or family members. Progressive discipline is the responsibility of the Director, however the Dietitian can act in the Director’s absence working collaboratively with HR and/or CEO.
    • Assists the Director in coaching and mentoring dietary staff.
  1. Replaces the Director in their absence.
  2. Provides overall supervision of Food Services Department and participates in Food Services meetings.
  3. Acts as a liaison between residents, Nursing, and the Food Services Department to best meet the resident’s diet/meal needs. Informs Food Services, Nursing and Recreation Departments of changes as they occur. Updates diet manuals, diet profiles, floor lists, and tray tickets.
  4. With Director, establishes policies for procurement, storage, and preparation of food as recommended by the Department of Health and Infection Control Guidelines.
  5. Establishes regular, soft, and puree menus with the Director to ensure that residents receive a nutritionally adequate diet based on Canada’s Food Guide.
  6. As part of the Dysphagia Team, works with the Occupational Therapist to assess and treat dysphagia, as well as educate staff.
  7. Establishes therapeutic, texture modified, and IMP menus which correspond with the regular menu so that special diets are available to residents as their diagnosis warrants.
  8. Performs initial nutrition assessment on all new admissions within two weeks of admission.
  9. Attends resident care conferences bi-annually (or as they occur) that includes completing a nutrition assessment and making recommendations pertinent to the resident’s nutritional well-being.
  10. Recommends (nutritional) supplementation to residents as required.
  11. Participates in various committees and meetings according to personal interests and/or the Home’s needs. Examples include:  Co Chair -Wellness Committee, Dementia Care Committee, Medical Advisory, Resident Council, Accreditation, etc.
  12. Conduct basic nutrition in-services for staff in relation to special diets, feeding techniques, and hydration.
  13. Responsible for the provision of nutrition care as advised by the principles of “Best Practice for Food, Nutrition, and Dining Services in Long Term care.”
  14. Be familiar with the following R.K. manuals; Fire & Emergency Plans, Departmental Policies and Procedures, WHMIS, Occupational Health and Safety, and other programs in place.
  15. Participates in annual online and onsite in-servicing for WHMIS, Fire and Safety, and Protection of Persons in Care Act, safe lifting and transfer, PHIA and handwashing.
  16. Maintains certification of Food Handling Course, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (certification is valid for 5 years).
  17. Performs additional duties as assigned.

Required Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Foods and Nutrition from a recognized University.
  • Completion of Dietetic Internship approved by Dietitians of Canada.
  • Member of Nova Scotia Dietetic Association or eligible for membership.

Required Experience

  • Previous experience in a long term care facility preferred.
  • Supervisory ability preferred.
  • Familiarity with food service operation and equipment would be an asset

Additional Skills & Abilities Required

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Familiarity with computer operation would be an asset

Working Conditions

Atmosphere may at times be warm and noisy

Safe Work Practices / Responsibilities

The R.K MacDonald Occupational Health and Safety Home Policy establishes employee expectations for working safely.  To achieve these expectations employees at all levels of the organization must adhere to Core Values of Safety and Safety Responsibilities listed below:
  • Commit to working safely.
  • Adhere to Safety Rules.
  • Conduct Inspections.
  • Conduct JTA`S & Develop SWPs.
  • Adhere to SOPs & SWPs.
  • Report Incidents / Hazards.
  • Wear PPE.
  • Apply their training.

We are committed to upholding the Human Rights of all R.K MacDonald employees, including the right of all people to enjoy a physically and psychologically safe work environment; the right of all people to just and favourable terms of employment; and the right of all people to be respected and valued for their differences with equitable opportunities and outcomes in an inclusive environment where all can thrive.