Clinical Lead

Apr 8, 2024

Please note:  This is not a job listing, this is a job description. For current opportunities click here.

POSITION: Clinical Lead
RESPONSIBLE TO: Director of Clinical Services

The Clinical Lead develops and facilitates the supervision of current and future nursing students working in the role of CCA (Continuing Care Assistant).  Clinical Leadwill impart knowledge, experience, and skillset to nursing students to improve clinical practice in nursing. The provision of support to focus on the R.K. MacDonald’s Mission, Vision and Core Values as well as best and emerging practice in geriatric care. In keeping with our Mission, Vision and Values and our philosophy of Resident Centered Care, Clinical Lead serves as a role model; as a partner in the provision of care and support of our Residents, and represents the home in a positive, professional, efficient and confidential manner.


1. Facilitate and oversee nursing students clinical placement (orientation/ mentoring) based on skill needs of student.

  • Coordinates assignment of CCA Mentor with assistance of HR Coordinator.
  • Supervises and provides support to all student nurses during clinical placement to determine educational needs and growth opportunities.
  • Plans and coordinates extra one on one support or activities to enhance skills as required.
  • Provides clarification of clinical practices, documentation and treatment plans for residents.

2. Evaluates and documents training, mentorship, and educational process’s outcomes.

  • Ongoing shift supervision and provides support in the provision of Care as needed.
  • Provides constructive feedback on nursing student performance to decide on such things as: needs more mentorship, good fit can proceed, or not in the PLAR program
  • Conducts Performance Reviews as student progresses through i.e. PLAR (On site Education Program) students, mid-way and end of mentorship (2 mos. with CCA Mentor)
  • Upon a successful completion organizes date of placement on own rotation and submits CAT Tool signed to HR to start PLAR Phase I application.
  • Acts as a Proctor for Module Tests for PLAR Students as necessary onsite.
  • Assist HR to monitor and motivate the PLAR students to ensure completion all components of the CCA Program from a recognized education provider meet set deadlines and set them up to successfully pass the provincial certification examination.
  • Conducts Audits as required i.e. care, bath, etc.

3. Communication: through personal behavior and interactions, and consistently demonstrates a humanistic, affiliative approach to relationships:

  • Within department, with other team members and with union representatives
  • In all interactions, within and while representing the facility
  • With all Residents and families
  • While establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships
  • Maintain confidentiality with resident, staff, and all matters concerning the Home.
  • Creates an effective and encouraging learning environment
  • Visible and accessible to staff
  • Build relationships with staff and assist them in identifying skill and educational needs and supports
  • Communicate person centered philosophy. That which is a holistic social model of care, which considers the person and their families to be at the center of the care and services provided.

4. Orientation and Skills/ Education

  • Coordinate an effective on boarding experience via Department Orientation and within the Clinical Experience.
  • Ensure Education is provided on Safe Lifting and Transfer Training and Transfer Codes.
  • Initiate, plan, training and educational programs as required for students in PLAR program based upon needs assessments conducted in each department
  • Ensures quality educational experiences to prepare the nursing workforce.
  • Clarification of Nursing Terms, Proper Bed Making, Equipment, Personal Care, Bathing, Documentation, and Transfer techniques, etc. as necessary.
  • Where necessary assists staff with one on one education in regards to performance, or policy or arranges same as deemed necessary by the Departmental Director.
  • Coordinates with IPAC Nurse training necessary for Infection Prevention.

5. Contributes to Continuous Quality Improvement Initiatives in the Nursing Department

  • Understands the CCA Scope of Practice and Competency Framework that defines the CCA Scope of Practice.
  • Provide feedback as need on CCA Program Framework as a resource for evaluating and refining the existing education to ensure the relevance of the CCA curriculum.
  • Establish systems to monitor effectiveness of clinical orientation program.

6. Participates in Committees/teams as required

7. Other duties as may be required.


  • Resident centered focus (builds positive family relations)
  • Communication (adapts communication to others)
  • Conflict Management (anticipates and addresses sources of potential conflict)
  • Self & Community Awareness (recognizes emotions & being pro-active)
  • Teamwork (fosters Teamwork) Ability to work successfully with all levels in a team environment


  • Demonstrated Clinical Nursing skills
  • Must have good oral and written communication skills.
  • Must have great interpersonal skills.
  • Must possess critical thinking skills.
  • Must have organizational and mentoring skills.
  • Must possess relationship-building skills.
  • Ability to assess and identify the learning needs of staff and recommend appropriate educational programs to meet those needs
  • Experience in the MS Office suite of programs is an asset
  • Demonstrated leadership in a unionized environment
  • Knowledgeable in providing Personal Care
  • Scope of Practice and CCA Competency Framework
  • Recent training in Safe Lifting & Handling Transfer Training & knowledge of Transfer Codes


  • Graduate from CCA (Continuing Care Assistant) Program
  • Registered in CCA Registry of NS
  • Or Graduate of an accredited LPN school with pharmacological training
  • Licensed with the CLPNNS
  • Certification in CPR, WHMIS, Food Handlers, Dementia/Alzheimer, Palliative care courses and Gentle Persuasion Approach (GPA)
  • Minimum of three years clinical experience
  • Teaching experience would be an asset
  • Mentor or Instructor Certification an asset


  • Recent clinical experience, including medication administration and leadership duties
  • Experience in geriatric LTC setting an asset

Safe Work Practices / Responsibilities

The R.K MacDonald Occupational Health and Safety Home Policy establishes employee expectations for working safely.  To achieve these expectations employees at all levels of the organization must adhere to Core Values of Safety and Safety Responsibilities listed below:
  • Commit to working safely.
  • Adhere to Safety Rules.
  • Conduct Inspections.
  • Conduct JTA`S & Develop SWPs.
  • Adhere to SOPs & SWPs.
  • Report Incidents / Hazards.
  • Wear PPE.
  • Apply their training.

We are committed to upholding the Human Rights of all R.K MacDonald employees, including the right of all people to enjoy a physically and psychologically safe work environment; the right of all people to just and favourable terms of employment; and the right of all people to be respected and valued for their differences with equitable opportunities and outcomes in an inclusive environment where all can thrive.