Annual Progress Report 2022-2023

Jun 30, 2023

It has been a busy year for the RK MacDonald Nursing Home Board of Directors. As I write this, our Home continues to address and live with the challenges of a post Pandemic. Now more than ever it is so important to thank the staff of the RK for their dedication, support and the incredible care provided during these challenging times.

The Board of Directors take their responsibilities in ensuring that our direction is captured on our Vison Statement creating “An alive and vibrant community built on meaningful relationships that celebrate and encourages a uniqueness of spirit and character” and is sustained by our Mission Statement in “Providing loving, dignified quality and enabling all people to live full and abundant lives“.

As a Board we are kept well informed of RK business. Our committees including Executive, Quality Safety & Governance, Building &Grounds, Finance and Infrastructure Renewal Steering Committee work closely with Senior Leaders providing monthly reports. In addition, reports from the CEO, Director of Clinical Services, RK MacDonald Foundation, Family Council and Resident Council are presented at our monthly Board meetings.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to personally thank our former board members Sister Stella Chaff, Sue Ellen McCarron, and Mary MacLellan, who we can all agree had a big impact during their tenure on the Board.

A special welcome is extended to our newly minted Board members Sister Catherine Ann MacGillivray and Gerald MacDonald – (representatives for the Congregation of the Sisters of St Martha) and Harris McNamara, (Municipality of the County of Antigonish, District 9 County Councilor).

Key Board Focus Areas:

  • Preparing for Accreditation Canada Surveyors in the fall of 2023.
  • Promoting a supportive role for the RK MacDonald Foundation, Family and Resident Council.
  • Establishing community relationships with our Indigenous partners
  • Developing ongoing role descriptions for our Directors, Executive members and Chairs of Committees.  Delivering a variety of education sessions for our Board of Directors
  • Supporting the promotion of cultural diversity, equity and inclusion within the RK community
  • Supporting our Infrastructure Renewal Steering committee as we journey towards the new RK MacDonald Nursing Home and ensuring the inclusion of all stakeholders into the design of the new RK MacDonald Nursing Home
  • Continuing and promoting collaborative relationships with our external partners such as St Francis Xavier University, Town and Municipal leaders and representatives.

The success of our Board is directly linked to the contribution and hard work from Terry MacIntyre CEO, the Senior Leadership Team and the Administrative Assistant,

I would like to extend heart full thank you to all for an excellent year and look forward to up a coming year.


Camilla Benoit,
Board OF Directors Chair

The full Annual Progress Report (2022-2023) can be read here.