60th Anniversary at RK MacDonald

Oct 4, 2018

We would like to thank The Casket for covering our 60th Anniversary Celebration held on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018.

RK Macdonald - Corey LeBlanc Photo of Michelle & Lynn

Resident Lynn Mersereau visits with Michelle Thompson, R. K. MacDonald Nursing Home CEO, Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 3) during an open house celebrating the 60th anniversary of the facility. Corey LeBlanc The Casket

“Let the trumpet sound – rejoice and be glad – for the spirit of celebration resounds, once again, in this special place, as we proclaim the 60th anniversary of the R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home.”

“That’s how Sister Brendalee Boisvert, Sisters of Saint Martha congregation leader, began her remarks during an open house celebration at the Antigonish residence Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 3).”

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