2023 Resident & Family Satisfaction Survey Results

Feb 13, 2024

The Resident and Family Satisfaction Survey were carried in out in November of 2023 and are utilized as an annual continuous quality indicator ensuring the voice of the service users, i.e. our Residents and their families is heard by the service provider, i.e. the Home. Surveys were completed by 32 family members (SDM’s) and 62 residents – where some were completed independently or with the support of Recreation staff.

As a “service provider”, we are always looking for opportunities to secure valuable feedback from our “service users”, our residents and their families and our challenge is to be open to the feedback, respond to it and grow!

Survey Scoring: focus areas for follow up in our Quality Improvement Plan are identified as Strongly Agree + Agree survey responses that scored below 75% and/or any Strongly Disagree + Disagree that scored greater than 25%

Very special thanks to everyone that has contributed to our feedback highway…. your insights / experiences are greatly appreciated!

2023 Resident & Family Satisfaction Survey Results (PDF)