Family Council Meeting – Wednesday November 9, 2016

RK Mac Donald Nursing Home
Family Council Meeting
Wednesday November 9, 2016: 3:30 pm

Present: Barb Mac Kinnon (Acting Chair), Dorothy Ludlow, Jim Peters, Karen Mac Donald Jim Mulcahey & Marian Mac lellan.

Regrets: Mary (Shebby) Mac Donald,

1. Approval of draft minutes for October 12, 2016: Motion by Barb seconded by Marian to approval the October, 2016 minutes as circulated, motion carried. Action:  Secretary will send approved minutes for Oct 12 to Cathy Brouwer to be posted on RK Website.

2. Business arising from the minutes: Michelle Thompson was contacted by Barb re item #3, 6 and 7 and agreed to attend this council meeting to discuss each item.

3. New business: No new business

4. Michelle Thompson: Michelle spoke to item # 3, privacy curtains and informed the group that a curtain was installed in the palliative care room but this does not seem to be an adequate solution.  Other suggestions were given around the possibility of switching the palliative care room with the family room next door as it is a bigger space and the possibility of opening the wall between the two rooms.  Action: Michelle will take this to a senior administration meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

Nametags: Michelle indicated that a message was sent to staff to remember to wear their nametags.

Policy around room changes and admission and discharge for residents in the secure unit.  Michelle explained the challenges around the policy and is working on making changes for the future.  Suggestions were given from council members around the possibility of providing copies of admission material to those who are advocating on the part of the resident who is being admitted.

Michelle also passed out a copy of the information booklet entitled:  RK Mac Donald Nursing Home: Our Home, she indicated that it has been updated.  A suggestion was given to place a revised date on the inside cover.

5. Adjourn: Meeting adjourned 4:35.

Respectively Submitted by
– Marian MacLellan