Family Council Meeting – Wednesday December 14, 2016

RK Mac Donald Nursing Home
Family Council Meeting
Wednesday December 14, 2016: 3:30 pm

Present: Barb Mac Kinnon (Acting Chair), Dorothy Ludlow, Jim Peters, Karen Mac Donald & Marian Mac lellan.

Regrets: Jim Mulcahey & Mary (Shebby) Mac Donald

  1. Meeting called to order by Barb Mac Kinnon.
  2. Approval of draft minutes for November 9, 2016, 2016: Motion by Barb seconded by Jim to approval the November 2016 minutes as circulated, motion carried.
    Action:  Approved minutes for November 9th will be forwarded to Cathy Brouwer to be posted on RK Website and the family Council booklet.
  3. Business arising from the minutes: Michelle will be contacted re response from senior administration re the privacy curtains. Cathy Brouwer will be contacted to find out regarding where on the website that the Family Council minutes are posted and where the Family Council booklet is kept.
  1. New business:
  •  Barb has heard from Jim Mulcahey and he is withdrawing from the Family Council at this time due to family commitments.
  • Discussion around the request to have the resident’s name and room number posted in a visible place in the entrance, similar to what you might find when you enter an apartment building. It would need to be able to be easily updated as necessary. This could be an undertaking for the RK Foundation.
  • The use of the percussion instruments and what is the status of music therapy.
  • Resident satisfaction survey.  Michelle Thompson had e-mailed the survey asking for input from the family council and this was discussed at length.  The following suggestions and questions will be forwarded to Michelle.  Could the surveys be coded according to what unit is the survey coming from as it would identify if there were some units that maybe have more challenges.  Could there be 2 surveys, one for the resident and one for the family member.  Confusion in how the resident would be able to answer some of the questions especially in reference to the section on communication and care provision i.e. “staff enjoying coming to work they smile and laugh” does this mean most staff or most times, requires to be qualified.  “My care provider is respectful, polite and courteous” how do you rate this as some are and some aren’t, difficult to answer without qualifying it.  How will they be distributed, suggest not a mail out, response rates are very low.  Could volunteers be assigned to a unit and work with residents and family to get their input?
  • Michelle will be contacted regarding the above and the response  will be brought to the  January meeting.


  1. Date of next meeting: January 18th, 3:30.  Cathy Brouwer will be informed of the change in the usual date for the January meeting.
  1. Adjourn: meeting adjourned 3:30

Respectively Submitted by
– Marian Mac lellan