Family Council Meeting – Wednesday April 12, 2017

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RK Mac Donald Nursing Home Family Council Meeting Wednesday April 12, 2017: 3:30 pm

Barb Mac Kinnon (Acting Chair), Jim Peters, Jim Mulcahey, Karen Mac Donald & Marian Mac lellan.

Dorothy Ludlow

Michelle Thompson gave an update regarding a new scheduling format for the RN’s within the facility. A one-page explanation is in the process of being developed and will be forwarded to family council within the next couple of weeks. Michelle confirmed that the open house will be May 21st .

  1. Meeting called to order by Barb Mac Kinnon.
  2. Approval of draft minutes for April 12, 2017: Motion by Jim seconded by Karen to approve the April 12 2017 minutes as circulated.
    Action: Approved minutes for April 12th will be forwarded to Cathy Brouwer to be posted on RK Website and the family Council booklet.
  3. Business arising from the minutes:
    The following topics that were selected for discussion at the open house May 21st were forwarded to the CEO Michelle Thompson. They were: the knowledge of the organizational structure and a description of the process regarding chain of command with respect to nursing care and where to go if and when issues arise. The 2nd one was income tax information and forms and the 3rd was the process around requesting a private room. Michelle has confirmed receipt and those will be addressed by administration at the open house
  4. New business:
    Jim Mulcahey gave an explanation of the process that was followed by the family council executive regarding advocating on behalf of a family member for one of the resident’s.Family council members are asked to be present at the open house on May 21st in order that prospective residents and their family will be aware of the mandate of the committee and will be able to ask questions of committee members.
  5. Date of next meeting: May 10 th, 2017 at 3:30.
  6. Adjourn: meeting adjourned 4:30

Respectively Submitted by
Marian Mac lellan