Family Council Meeting January 14th, 2019

R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home Family Council Meeting January 14, 2019

Present: Chair: Barb MacKinon, Delores Brannon, Eileen MacDonald , Alan Gaudet, Elizabeth MacLean, Michelle Chisholm, Sandy Cosh


Call to Order
Called to order by Chair Barb MacKinnon at 1530

Approval of Minutes
Approval of draft minutes for December 12,2018
Action: : To approve minutes and forward to Cathy Brouwer to be posted on R.K website and in family council booklet.

Moved by: Michelle Chisholm
Second by: Alan Gaudet

Business Arising from the Minutes

  1. Review of “Our Home “ Information Booklet.

Deferred to next meeting.

New Business

Updates from CEO Michelle Thompson

Palliative and Pastoral Care: CEO Michelle Thompson explained the difference between Palliative Care and Pastoral Care offered at the R.K.

Air Miles: Michelle spoke about how air miles that are collected in the home are utilized.

Other: Other topics that were discussed included; Licensing by the Department of Health & Wellness, Accreditation Canada, proposal of a home newsletter, absence of a Social Worker in the home, family education on topics of power of attorney and health care directives.

Michelle also spoke about staff movement, uniform changes and care plans that are to be completed by an RN who is assigned to each room.

Security and lockdown procedures , Food Services survey sent out in the mail as well as the use of suction and humidifiers for comfort of residents.

Action: Michelle Thompson will check both the use of humidifiers and suction of secretions for palliative comfort at the facility.

Followup: This is the corrected information from Dept. of Health regarding direct care hours
Staffing requirements and minimum direct client care hours are largely dependent on the type of facility and the staffing approach used by the service provider, and are not set out in legislation. The department determines staffing allocations for facilities and approves operational budgets for all long-term care facilities in accordance with program and licensing requirements. We provide a minimum of 2.45 hours of personal care by a continuing care assistant and one hour of professional nursing per day per resident.

Date of Next meeting: February 13 at 1530
Adjourn: Meeting Adjourned at 1655
Minutes submitted by: Sandra Cosh