Family Council Meeting February 13, 2019

R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home Family Council Meeting February 13,2019

Present: Chair: Barb MacKinnon, Delores Brannon, Eileen MacDonald , Alan Gaudet, , Michelle Chisholm, Sandy Cosh

Regrets: Elizabeth MacLean

Call to Order
Called to order by Chair Barb MacKinnon at 1535

Approval of Minutes
Approval of draft minutes for January 14,2019
Action: To approve minutes and forward to Cathy Brouwer to be posted on R.K website and in family council booklet.

Moved by: Michelle Chisholm
Second by: Alan Gaudet

Business Arising from the Minutes

  1. To have the Family Council Meeting minutes be approved before actually posting on the R.K. website.
  2. To have the spelling of Alan Gaudet’s name corrected.
  3. To have the notes regarding oral suction clarified.

Action 3.1: Sandy Cosh will ask Cathy Brouwer to delay posting the minutes until they are approved at the next meeting. Sandy Coash will ask Cathy Brouwer to post any previous minutes from meetings.

Action 3.2: Sandy Cosh will clarify the spelling with Cathy Brouwer.

Action 3.3: Sandy Coash will ask Cathy Brouwer for more clarification as to why suction of the mouth is not available for palliative care.

New Business

Feedback Forms: Do the family feedback forms get placed into an electronic system that is audited?
“Our Home Booklet”.
Dietary concerns: We received a copy of current menu from Kalli MacDonald. We were informed by Kalli that a food consultant was also giving input to new menu choices. Family Council wishes to thank Food Services staff for their work thus far.

Action 4.1: Barb MacKinnon will ask Michelle Thompson for answer to this question.

Action 4.2: Each member will send their personal review to Cathy Brouwer in a timely fashion.

Date of Next meeting: March 13,2019 at 1530
Adjourn: Meeting Adjourned at 1655
Minutes submitted by: Sandra Cosh