Please note that as of June 15th the new Family Visit Rules are available here.

Visitor Restrictions Implemented at the Facility

People who have been outside the country are prohibited from visiting the nursing home for 14 days.

In an attempt to prevent COVID-19 within RK MacDonald, we will be implementing a number of restrictions today. It is imperative that family, friends and the community at large cooperate with us as we restrict access to the facility. We understand the difficulty that these restrictions create for families and we must also acknowledge and take very seriously the fact that COVID-19 has the largest and most devastating impact on older people-especially those who are frail and have multiple health conditions.

  1. Effective today, March 13, 2020, visitors at RK MacDonald will be restricted to 2 people per resident. Staff are in the process of calling all Substitute Decision Makers(SDM) to identify two visitors. A list of visitors will be maintained at the door and all visitors will be screened before entering the facility.
  2. Strict visiting hours will be implemented effective today. ONLY the two identified visitors may visit the RK MacDonald between 2-4pm and 5:00-6:30.
  3. We ask that family members only visit with their loved one and refrain from visiting other residents.
  4. Visitors should self-monitor for any illness and refrain from visiting if they are feeling unwell. Visitors will be screened for illness by staff before entering.
  5. Changes to the visitor list can only be made by the SDM and must be emailed to Terry MacIntyre at

As per the newest update from the Province of Nova Scotia, all employees travelling outside the country will be mandated to self-isolate for a 14 day period.

In addition to the restrictions imposed at RK MacDonald, we would encourage everyone to stay updated with information from Department of health and Wellness

As we get more information we will be updating the website regularly. We are working very hard to be efficient and streamline information for residents, families and residents. The situation is changing rapidly and we are doing our very best to keep everyone informed.

COVID-19 Resources

If you have travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days, you may have been exposed to novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Please DO NOT enter this facility.

As part of the response to the spread of COVID-19, it is important that everyone helps protect those most at risk for severe illness.

As always, if you are feeling unwell you should not enter this facility. Your cooperation is important and appreciated.

The province provides an update on health system preparations for novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Speakers are:

  • Dr. Robert Strang, Chief Medical Officer of Health (Lead)
  • Bethany McCormick, NSHA Operations
  • Dr. Jeannette Comeau, Medical Director of Infection Prevention and Control Team, IWK
  • Dr. Jason LeBlanc – Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

For more information on COVID-19, visit the following links:

Provincial Resources:

Federal resources: